About College of Greatness For Christian Women

Every WOMAN no matter how highly placed is dealing with a bit of CONFUSION for which she needs CLARITY on how to Clear her CLUSTER so she can be CONFIDENT enough to CONTINUE to do what makes her happy by CONSOLIDATING her efforts and CLOSING Deals as regards her personal life, Relationship, and Career and Destiny.

Join me at the COLLEGE OF GREATNESS FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN and let me show you a Game plan that every woman is talking about.

This is a path that leads to Personal Happiness, Stable Relationships, and Destiny Fulfilment. Strictly for Ladies who want to Be More Do more and Achieve More… Click the BUTTON Now to join our community of Greatness.


1. Simplify Your Life; Get Clarity, Clear Cluster and Eradicate Confusion
(Launch Course)

2. Find The Path To Your Significant Achievements; A sold-out course for multi-talented Christian Women who want to Be More, Do More and Achieve More.

I am in search of women who know there could be more to life than the Routine! They crave Greatness, fulfillment, and Harmony as a single Lady, Married Woman, Mother, Sister, Friend and want to be an inspiration to many.

“I NEED WOMEN” who are ready for ” A shift, A lift in order to become a Gift” to their generation the way only they can!

We all have “one portion of life each” what will you do with yours? Live a boring life or a fulfilled one?

If you have one word to tell your younger self, what will it be? Follow your heart and do right by you.


My name is
Moji Alawiye (PMA)

TV Personality:

You may have seen me on TV, I run an independently produced inspiring talk  show through which i inspire positive change  in people across Africa, Europe and the North America.

Women Achievability Strategist and Greatness Coach:

Online college of greatness for christian women has trained and empowered over 800 women with many of them  pointing to their significant achievements after the course.

Story Teller:

I am a woman who loves story telling and one of my gifts is using my personal story. I  tell  the story in such a relatable way to find my audience where they are, get them dissatisfied with negative or average mentality open their eyes to the possibilities inside of them and inspire them to take the first step and then the other.

Speak for Gold:

A member of the Fela Durotoye Tribe with a drive to raise world leaders and positive influencers.

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