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Helping a lot of Christians gain CLARITY, clear CLUSTER and eradicate CONFUSION so they can be more productive in their personal lives, build stable relationships, grow steady income and a successful career through our newly launched course

Welcome to your higher Life! You made it… and
I am so happy for you. I can guarantee you are ready for the greater You. Welcome on board this voyage of GREATNESS.

Taking this premium class is one of your best decisions at this season and I am prepared to work with you. 

Definitely not every one will go further on this… but you are here because you are different, YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE. 


I am not playing on words, I’m laying my heart bare. 

It’s the way the world works….  

20% of people make 80% of things happen. 80% of people continue to glean  from the 20% of people. 

Thank You for joining the 20,%.  Congratulations.

Going further with me to Premium is not just to collapse time, double productivity and cash in daily…

It is more than that.

I will show you step-by-step how to Raise fund and turn your contacts to money.

There is a way to Turn your contacts to money …

The world has changed as we know it…..

People no longer get help because they deserve it, they get help because they reserve it

You have everything you need right now….to be all that God intended for you to be…come with me and let me show you 

How to Take your market to the market place 

Like Cecelia Williams, I understand the pain of waiting for a break. 

I waited oh..and this wait was for a long time …

Solomon in his  wisdom said, ‘The wise man’s eyes are in his head’ Tell me  where do fools have their own? Get ready for a shift in mindset 

There are people who didn’t sleep last night…. planning on how your actions will be today….

what you will buy, movies you will watch, music you will stream or download, they affect hour behavior 

There are some folks you don’t know them but they control your behavior…. This is the way to think now.

Success, Increase, profit ,abundance and productivity are  PREDICTABLE….

It is important that your services (to God, to church, our community, business, family or relationship) leads to significance….




Help is available everywhere but not accessible to everyone…. Now it is, to you.

Principles Run the world and God is not a magician.

Let me show you how to enter the realm.  

See, I am not your regular coach, am anointed for this… I have helped over 2000 people cross over from dream to fulfilment and some of their amazing testimonies you will read about here.

I am here to collapse time for you to gain speed for you so you won’t have to go through many years of trials by errors.

I am here to show you the secrets that rules the world,what makes the world revolve, you will be amazed. Just wait till we get to class.

Client's Testimony

The Testimonies From My Past Clients Speak For Themselves

My name is Moji Alawiye, My friends call me PMA

Those who have been part of my course before got a nickname for me: ‘The kingdom’s pride’ 

hahahaha…you will soon discover that I am the woman you have been waiting for.. 

I am a women achieveability strategist, a greatness coach and TV personality. Thankfully this particular course is not gender biased, Men are also welcome on board. 

I have trained over 2500 students directly from our leadership School.. I have also worked with other brands in The pursuit of mentorship, leadership and all. 

I am inspirational! A Positive influencer, A thought leader and people builder. 

I motivate people to aspire more to achieve more because we are made for more. If it’s in your heart, you can fulfill it. God intends for us to manifest in the full regalia of our abilities. If you have the energy spend it, if you have the ability use it. 

I build a community of people who use their gifts and talents to ‘Do More, Be More, Achieve More’ thereby promoting Personal Happiness, Stable Relationships and Destiny Fulfilment. 

I am a TV Personalty. You may have seen me on TV, I run an independently produced inspiring talk show through which i inspire positive change in people across Africa, Europe and the north America for over 5 years. 

Women Achievability strategist and Greatness Coach 

I help women achieve their dream through strategy sessions , group coaching and one on one mentorship. My goal is show me your target, and I’ll lead you to it through step by step daily weekly instructions and strategy sessions. 

Over 800 women have walked this route with me in the last 9 months..I can still feel the fire in our sessions,Joy in their souls, the passion in their testimonials and the gratitude that fills my heart for them.

Allow me to be the help that you want by joining the list of thaes happy people. 

Story teller:  

I am a woman who loves story telling and one of my gifts is using my personal story. I tell the story in such a relatable way to find my audience where they are, get them dissatisfied with negative or average mentality open their eyes to the possibilities inside of them and inspire them to take the first step and then the other until we hit our set goals at record time. 

Speak for Gold; a member of the Fela Durotoye Tribe with a drive to raise world leaders and positive influencers. Recently, I was privileged to speak on his platforms to a teaming virtual audience of over 50,000 participants. 

Other brands I have been able to work with are

Having your dream life is not a rocket science let me show you the game plan that everyone is talking about.

Far from what we have known growing up in church, you can make a predictable huge success in one year of using these principles.

You can set a date from today to hit your target at a future date with a step-by-step principles I will be showing you through this course.

Who is this course for?


One day I left home, drove about 12 miles to a secluded place. I was desperate, I wanted an answer..I needed to speak to the author of my life.. wanted to pray …That God may show me where the money is….

I came back from that prayer with an eye opener… A way out! An answer. 

God opens my eyes to what I didn’t know before as a church girl… 

I came back and I began to study, to make research and to read books in the new direction God opened my yes to… in my research I realise one can be anointed, gifted talented and still the poor, unfulfilled and unhappy. 

He showed me the secret… I came back home, began to research into the lives of great people in the earth… My eyes were opened..mindset changed, and in less than 2 years if applying those principles… I gained significant influence, it was a 360degree change, raise, increase, abundance, impact and all….That’s what I will b showing you through this course. 

I have discovered there is a strategy and intentionality that higher achievers used to hit their set goals. these principles are now being taught through my newly launched course… 


Isn't that incredible? I bet it is ...

There is no webinar so suitable for church and inspirational community like this one! This is end to end… if you join the first 25 people to click the link and register today, 

More testimonials

Now tell me what will it be? click this link and move forward to your next level or watch others do it why you sit on the sideline?? 

My candid advice for you today click this link, take the advantage of the discount and join all other achievers like you. 

Let me help you collapse time and hold your hand as a guide and a coach so that you can be well positioned as experts in solving problems outside the four walls of the church. 

Now what is your investment for this course ? The course is valued at 45,000 naira that is like $100. 

This online course maybe the only thing you have waited for in a long while… 

It is packaged to energize you, expose you to opportunities, promote you and multiply your productivity in a short while.

This webinar also has the potential to make you 6 figures in profit in less than a year by following the principles. 

But I won’t be charging you that much, you won’t be paying N45,000 Naira today, not even 50% which is N22,500. 

If you register today, I’ll be giving you at a high discount rate of N12,250 Naira which is 75% OFF. 

THAT’S NOT ALL, our talk show team (THE PMA SHOW ) has offered a support for the first 25 people to register within 48 hours THEY OFFER, AN additional discount of 20% on the already discounted rate. 

Hurry and take advantage of these high discount today, the first 25 students to make payments in the next 48 hours will take advantage of this whole discounts. in other words, if you click the link today and make your payment for this course, you will be paying as low as N10,000. The course will go back to the discounted price of 12,500 in 2 days. 

Despite the pandemic and the unrest in the world,

many people are breaking their glass ceilings, building businesses ministry and making a difference in the world, 

you deserve to be in that space you and there is a strategy to get there.

The gift of God to us is not religious bias.. God puts the gifts, talents, ability, strength, skill in you to bless your world like only you can and in turn make profit with it.

Jesus told a parable of Talents. The moral of the story is if you have one, make profit with it, if you have more make profit with them. 

You know you are made for more, you deserve more, you want to conquer more, Let us do this.. 

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